You are a Werewolf, new in the neighborhood, you are trying to make a living for yourself. So you start a new gig, selling Fast Food on the streets. But some of your clients are a bit... dead?

How to Play:

Use mouse/touch to drag the ingredients to the plate. Pay attention to the customer order while you build their burger. Every new burger must begin with a bread, on the right of the plate. When you finish your burger, put the top bread over the burger to finish it and drag it to the customer.

Pay attention to Zombies, those guys are not polite, and tend to eat the ingredients.

About: This game was an old prototype, a Cook Simulator with a comic horror background.

StatusOn hold
Made withConstruct


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Very funny and challenging game! I like the special thing with the zombie customers and the difficulty is about fine, you fail a bit at first, but it gets better when you learn the places of each ingredient. It has a nice old-school style, but would maybe benefit from some nice music or sound effects.  In addition to the other recent one I played, this could also fit into our contest!