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What is Art?

In this game you control a thief that steals piece of arts that is worth it. You must grab the pieces and take to the van. But wacth out for the alarms, If you touch it, it's over. When you done, return to the van, but if the time runs out, you lose.


WASD: Move

Space: Jump

Shift: Run

Left Click: Interact with objects

ESC: Exit game

LD 40 Theme: The more you have, the worse it is

When you grab a piece of art, you become slow. You can grab any quantity, but it will be more difficult to move.


This compo was made as challenge with my coworkers. Each one of us choose a engine and made a game with the limitations:

-Just one Level

-Seven color palette

-No lights and Shadows

Game engine: Godot 3.0 beta 1


WhatIsArt.zip 13 MB

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