Ludum Dare 31 Game

Welcome to the Javali Racer world!

Ok, the jam entry is just a level. Tomorrow i will post the Post-Compo. Javali is portuguese for Boar. The word Javali comes from the arabic word, djabali. You are a lord in a world where kings and knights ride in Javalis, instead of horses, and the Javalis are sacred animals. You must race to score the fastest time.

We just had time to finish one level. We have the art ready for more tracks, sound and other stuff. Tomorrow i will try to finish the post-compo version and put a link here. The final version will have the tournament mode where you will be able to upgrade your Javali. Maybe we'll make more levels and new things along the month.

-- Change --
Ok, sorry about the controls. I switched the controls for an easier version. I've been busy with the post compo version, so i will just set the easy controls back again.

-- Bug Fixes --
-Fixed the player's results showing zero
-Reduced the music volume
-Reduced the number of laps

Z - Press the 'Z' button quickly to make the Javali run. Watch out though, because if you run out of stamina the Javali will stop and you'll have to wait.
Arrows - Move the Javali, up, down, left and right.
X- Jump.
C - Dash, with the Dash you can break those crates. If you collide with a crate without dashing, the Javali will suffer damage.
Space - Brake.

The stamina bar will recover with time. If you run out of hearts, you lose. There are some obstacles on the track that you must jump, otherwise it will slow you down.
That's it. I'm proud of the final result, because the team worked very hard. Of course it's not the desired result we wanted, but we will make it happen. Later i will write a Post-mortem.

Thank you Ludum Dare, one more game made!