Ludum Dare 32 Game

Raimundo is a peaceful and hard worker Gravekeeper. He does his job with zeal and perfection. But one night something strange happened. The dead rose from the grave. The old tales about the undead walking again were true. Now, Raimundo must have to put them back in the grave with the most hardcore and old school way possible... smashing the dead with a Tombstone!

You must put to rest all undead before complete the each level. When you finish the Graveyard's door opens and then may go to the next stage.

07/05/2015 - Fixed the tombstones throwing bug. Sorry for the delay!


- Arrow keys - Move Right and Left
- Up Arrow - Jump
- Space -When you are over a tombstone you can grab it by pressing space. Press space again to throw it.

Raimundo is a Brazilian name, and there is a old brazilian song about a Gravekeeper named Raimundo. This game was made with the crew of my college. We took the Ludum Dare as an official event to make this game in the weekend. The college gave us the labs and the support for we make this game. I hope this can become a tradition in the college. We are calling this movement #UDFJD. That is it, see you guys in next Ludum Dare!