Game for Ludum Dare 26

This a a Cheap Atari Game...

(Please! Press F11 to Full Screen it!)
Ok, this game was supposed to have more levels, more exploration, more enemies, more bosses and more everything... But it didn't. I had all the mechanics done, a second level done, but for the time sake i made some cutbacks (a lot of) to finish the game to the compo. Tomorrow i'll work, so the jam is not possible. I felt like i cheated the Ludum Dare, giving a so cheap and incomplete alpha of a game. But i had to finish it, my second LD without a game. NO! This have to finish now! So whith you... A Cheap Atari Game!

Arrows - Move
Up Arrow - Jump
S - Sword (When you grab the Sword)
D - Shield (When you grab the Sword)
F11 - FullScreen (If you want to see something)